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General Patton standing in CC1 Sixty plus years after his death and becoming an American icon with no equal World War II, General George S. Patton stands out in the American conscious better than any other general. As a combat general he was unequaled, fearless, brave to a fault and keenly aware his destiny was in the hands of the Almighty.

Hundreds of books, motion pictures, documentaries and countless studies have be done about him. Those that knew him, worked for him, read about him and historians who have studied him have all had some sort of love/hate relationship about him or his tactics yet there are few who have an ambivalence of him and most come away in awe of the man.

This web site is dedicated to the preservation of his history and his command, Third Army, through living historians of today who actively have researched every aspect of his of his military life and those of his immediate circle.

Patton Third Army, Living Historians have studied all the Battles the Third Army fought, under what conditions, the various strategies and equipment that was used. Over years they have acquired proper uniforms, restored the equipment & vehicles allowing them to authentically re-create and re-enact the period and bring history alive to audiences all over the world.

In his life time he was the most feared and respected combat general on both sides of the war. He won the war on the field of battle but lost the war in the political field with the High Command of the American Army. His vision of the future leads him on a collision course with command. He was never quite able to convince his superiors that he was not the enemy when it came to getting permission to continue to fight the war as he saw fit.

Historians today now see the war from the advantage of 20/20 hind sight and their are many who believe if he had been allowed to fight as he wanted to the war in Europe would have ended by November of 1944 saving some 10 million lives on both sides, civilian and combatants.

The veterans who fought the war are leaving us at a rate of about 1,500 a day and some two thirds of them are no longer with us. Most are in their 80's with failing health and within the next twenty five years they will have all gone.

Above all is our willingness to honor them and their fallen comrades. We do this by restoring and preserving what is left and using it to tell their story. You will read about the war, the men who fought it, the museums and the living historians, collectors and preservationist who have spent countless hours and dollars to preserve their memory.

Over 50 million people lost their lives in World War Two. You must ask yourself why they died and for what reason. When you know the answers to those questions you will know why we honor our Veterans. Freedom is not Free it has a high cost.


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