Recreating History

Remembering Our Heroes

Teaching Children History

Freedom is not Free it has been paid for with a high cost. Our children are growing up in a free democratic society and they must be taught why. We used the Patton Third Army Living Historian exhibition to call attention to that fact. By talking about World War II we call attention to our great generation of WWII veterans who are quickly passing on. However, their memories will live on as long as there are teachers and story tellers. Hands on exhibits tell the story better when a living history historian is there to help them understand. Our exhibits are not just about World War II but tell the story of conflict and victory that all of our veterans are remembered for. Remembering the Heroes is a generational task that must be repeated over and over again so those Heroes will always be remembered weather that are past present or in our future. Freedom is never Free it comes with a a cost!

Here are our visitors at 6th Cavalry Museum, Third Army Living History Exhibition

General Patton (Denny Hair) welcomes the children to the 3rd Army exhibition
General Patton explains what a Command Car is and why it has air horns?Good Luck (grin)
Chaplain Stewart explains what a chaplain is
Chaplain Stewart explains why the typewriter is missing the screen and the mouse
Sgt Mike explains why a M1917 Water cooled machine heats up water when it fires
Chaplain Stewart tries to explain a record player to children who don't know what a record is
This picture of Sgt Mike teaching about K Rations to the children is the 3rd Army Living Historians pick of the event
Chris Lane brings another group
WoW This is cool What's a jeep Mr. Chris?
This is cool but what does a generator do?
Thank you 6th Cavalry Museum and 3rd Army Living Historians!
Enough said Mission Accomplished