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Patton Hidden in Plain Sight:
The Story of Patton and his Third Army, Hidden in Print for 75 years

Patton Hidden in Plain Sight Series Book One
The Battle Before the War
240 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0692040553
ISBN-10: 0692040552 

General Patton has just won two victories on the battlefield, one in Africa and one as the army commander of the Seventh Army in Sicily. He is a rising competent commander destined for advancement and great achievement, restoring hope that the Nazis can be defeated and regaining confidence in winning the war in Europe after the disaster of Pearl Harbor. He is considered by his superiors as the most competent proven battlefield commander they have.

Yet Patton’s fate hangs in the in the balance—not once, not twice, but three times. Patton’s decisions off the battlefield are being questioned despite his world acclaim as a proven battlefield commander. As 1943 drifts into 1944, Patton is in danger of going home in disgrace.

For the first time, Patton’s personal diary is published, and is detailed with fascinating day by day accounts. The Battle Before the War gives an in-depth understanding to what really happened behind the scenes as Patton begins to build the United States Third Army in England as a secret and in secret.

Patton Hidden in Plain Sight Series Book Two
The Third Army Goes to War
262 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-0692040560
ISBN-10: 0692040560 

Though still a secret, as far as the world was concerned, Patton moved his Third Army to France to prepare for battle. In eight days in August, Patton attacked in three different directions with three corps of his army. The enemy was defeated wherever they were found.  His army made the liberation of Paris possible, while others took credit. He was stopped from encircling and destroying two German armies in the Falaise Pocket while Bradley and Eisenhower played cards. Patton was ready to head toward Germany when General Eisenhower stopped him and allowed General Montgomery to move forward with Operation Market Garden, which ended in General Montgomery’s defeat. Patton could say nothing publicly, but thought the plan was politically motivated rather than sound military.

Could Patton have made it into Germany in 1944 and shortened the war? General Bradley thought he could have. This is a day-by-day account of what Patton did and thought, as told by his men seeing the war from their prospective at Patton’s headquarters. Patton tells it from his prospective in his private diary, printed in its entirety within this series.

Patton Hidden in Plain Sight Series Book Three
A Prediction Ignored and a Prayer
298 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-0692040577
ISBN-10: 0692040579 

Bogged down by mud and torrential rains, Patton asked his chaplain for a weather prayer so he could go into battle. He begins his attack toward the Siegfried Line as G-2 Colonel Oscar Koch predicts a possible surprise attack in the Ardennes area nine days before it actually happens. He sends his intelligence up and their entire allied command ignored it, saying it could not happen. It did, and Patton was given the ground command to push the German’s back and liberated Bastogne which had been surrounded and cut off. Patton was victorious.

While Patton was fighting the Germans, Eisenhower, Montgomery, and Bradley were fighting amongst themselves. The sun came out on Christmas Day and it was seen as an answered prayer, so the allied air support could now see, bombing the German forces on the ground. Patton’s intelligence officer, Colonel Koch, had accurately predicted the German surprise attack. For years, it was covered up that Patton had informed the allied high command of Koch’s prediction. In fact, their assessment that it could not have taken place was expunged from their official record and excuses were offered up.

Patton Hidden in Plain Sight Series Book Four
Secrets Hidden
284 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-0692040584
ISBN-10: 0692040587 

Patton beat Montgomery across the Rhine River and into Germany. General Eisenhower is secretly taken to the Riviera after a nervous breakdown. General Bradley was sent to play cards with him and to not speak of the war. General Patton was ordered to Ohrdruf in Germany’s Thuringia area, and proceeded as fast as possible. They were surprised and horrified to find German horror camps at Ohrdruf and Buchenwald, a secret kept by the Germans; however, that was not why they were ordered there. The real reason why Patton was ordered to Ohrdruf will surprise you. The truth was hidden in plain sight. Patton visited the camps and the world saw the German horror camps for the first time. Soon, the world would see the full extent of these camps. Meanwhile, one of Patton’s infantry divisions found the Nazis’ hidden gold they had stolen throughout Europe in a salt mine called Merkers.

The region overflowed with Nazi secrets and the Russian army would soon occupy it. Patton had to move quickly to secure the secrets and the stolen gold and artifacts so as not to fall into Russian hands. Some of the secrets found are still secret . . . but why?

Patton Hidden in Plain Sight Series Book Five
A Grateful Nation
236 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-0692040591
ISBN-10: 0692040595

Patton had been treated poorly by the allied command, but had won the gratefulness of his command and of the nation. After the victory in Europe, he was ordered back to the States to sell war bonds. Patton is given a hero’s welcome by a grateful nation in parade. Millions come to see him, and he is heralded a national hero. He sees his children for what will be the last time and grandchildren for the first—and last—time. He meets with President Truman in hopes of being assigned to fight in the Pacific theater against Japan, but was turned down much to his dismay.

Now at the very height of his military career, Patton returns to Germany and is given a guard of honor by his men. In the years to come, Patton would be considered an American icon and the truth of what he did, formerly hidden in plain sight, is now revealed in this series.

Patton Hidden in Plain Sight Series Book Six
The Images Uncovered: The Story of Patton and His Army Hidden in Print for 75 Years
226 Pages


ISBN-13: 978-0692040607  
ISBN-10: 0692040609 

The last of the volumes in the Patton Hidden in Plain Sight series, this photobook tells the story of the series, featuring many photos revealed for the very first time. The result of thousands of hours of research, this volume covers new information about General George S. Patton Jr., including images from the rare and top-secret Third Army After Action reports, of which many have not been seen since they were first printed in 1945. Many of the images are from General Patton’s own collection, the Library of Congress, and the Patton Museum at Fort Knox. Included are rare personal accounts from General Patton’s staff with an insider’s view of Patton’s Third Army headquarters.

Readers can follow General Patton, along with his doubts and his triumphs, through The Images Uncovered and the rest of the series, as he leads the famous United States Third Army across Europe.

DENNY HAIR is a retired 31-year veteran of the Houston Police Department. As an officer, he was a trained crime scene investigator and taught as a certified instructor at the Houston Police Academy for over 25 years. In addition to being the founder of the Houston Police Museum, he commanded a Crime Scene Unit as a patrolman in the south of Houston and after achieving the rank of Senior Police Officer, Hair received many honors and awards including Officer of the Year in 1982.

Hair is one of the world’s foremost experts on General Patton. As such, he has been a guest lecturer on the life and times of General Patton at hundreds of events and locations, including veteran reunions, military history museums, and lectures in the States as well as abroad. He was the keynote speaker as a guest of the United States Army to commemorate the 64th anniversary of General Patton’s death in Heidelberg, Germany, at the hospital where Patton died.

Hair has authored articles and newsletters, and lectured on many military and police topics. He has been published on several occasions in Army Motors, the Military Preservation Association’s international magazine. He was appointed by Governor White to Chair the Battleship Texas Advisory Board, and holds several honorary titles, including admiral in the Texas Navy and ambassador for the State of Texas, among others.