Recreating History

General Patton was one of the U.S. Army’s and America’s greatest commanding Generals . When Third Army was moved to France, in July of 1944, they began a great dash across France. The Germans launched their last great offensive of the war – the Battle of the Bulge. In one of the great moves of the war, Patton turned Third Army’s axis of advance through ninety degrees and set it upon the south of the German forces. By January 1945, the remainder of the process of closing up to the Rhine could be completed. Vicious fighting took place, but by April there was but one great natural the Rhine River. However, the bridgehead was won, and Third Army embarked on another great eastward dash. In May liberated the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camps. 3rd army spent 281 days of incessant victorious combat, penetrations have advanced further in less time than any other army in history. It fought its way a cross 24 major rivers and innumerable steams and liberated and conquered more than 82,000 square miles of territory including 1500 cities and towns and some 12,000 un-inhabited places. The 3rd Army captured in battle 956,000 of the enemy and killed or wounded over 500,000 others. France Belgium Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia bear witness to the exploits. There were from time to time under the 3rd Army 6 corps and 42 divisions. Your courage and valor will always be remembered.

Almost complete List of Corps and Division under 3rd Army at one time or another from 1944 to end of war. Here is a the Third Army summary of After Action in World War II and it was published in July of 1945.

3rd Army

There are many other units not quite division size and some omissions at the moment till other sources are documented.