Recreating History

Among the participants were Denny Hair (Patton) Capt. Alan Bonny (left) Capt. Jack Slattery (Right) Far left (unknown) 2nd Far Left (unknown) MP Sgt. Mike Sabota, Color Bearer PFC Andrew Sabota, Capt. Carlos Manning, and two unidentified guards. Jeff Perry and Terry Lenert were in attendance but not pictured. There were several others but all of the information photographs have been lost to time. This photograph also became part of the Commerative Air Forces Publicity pictures advertising 6th Cavalry’s participation in this yearly event.

The 6th Cavalry Historical association is an excellent way to have good clean fun with your military vehicle and go to some great events. Denny Hair is one of the founders and it’s first president. In 1998 Patton and the 6th Cavalry was invited by the City Manager at the time to give a speech commemorating Memorial Day and remember the WWII veterans.  It was to bring the whole setting back to WWII, as it would have been then. The 6th Cavalry had a great time pulling this off and decided to arrive as Patton would have arrived in WWII to give his famous speeches. A caravan was set up and form from Mayflower Street in Houston. It was about a 10-vehicle convoy complete with jeeps, weapons carriers and trucks. The convoy proceeded down Park Place to Interstate 45 and then about a 45 minute trip south to League City. Upon getting close the sirens began to blare and the whole entourage arrived at once. The event made the local papers and was talked about for years to come. So far, the only surviving photograph of this event has proved to be one of the best ever taken. There were quit a few members who participated in the event.

The event made the front page of the Galvestion County Daily Newpaper May 26 1998

If you have any additional pictures of this event please send them to Third Army HQ

The 6th Cavalry Historical Society is alive and well. You can find them at 6th Cavalry Historical Society