Recreating History


Patton’s Lucky Forward Motor Pool

These are original, real and run well. They are available

We have Three jeeps, 1 command Car,

1 M20 Armored Car and one CCKW Shop Van. All WWII and all fully restored.

In Service
1941 until varying per country.

Used by USA and its allies of World War II.

World War II
Korean War
Various post 1945 conflicts

Production History

Produced : 1941–1945

This is fully restored 1942 Willis jeep.

Our engines are restored to original condition. This one is for the 1945 Willis jeep.

This 1943 Ford Jeep is restored as General Patton had his in 1944.

General Patton’s 1944 Dodge WC 57 Command Car. He added a few features to the original stock version. These included an armored plate in front to protect the radiator. He had Bruel air horns and both the 3rd Army Flagg and his rank flag.

This is the rear view with an additional add on. He added a weapons carrier rear gate so he could carry extra gear into the field.

Patton also added a .59 cal. Machine gun, which was not stock on command cars.

The Patton command car is an extremely popular addition to museums. This image was taken at the Mid Way Village Museum at Rockford Illinois.

This Patton M20 Armored Car is considered the finest restoration of an M20 command car in the United States.

This is the Military Vehicle Preservation Association  1st Place Best of show winner

We also have the highly popular General Patton Van that he used as a command Headquarters in Third Army and a sleeping van. 

You can view the Command Headquarters Van HERE