Recreating History

Smoking Props

“Smoke em if you got em!”

Heard throughout the military when offered a break.

Smoking was all the rage and everyone smoked.

The tobacco industry went to war with our soldiers and advertised that they supported our troops.

We offer museum quality props to be used in our museum quality props. These are for close ups and are not expendable. They help make our quality props a higher grade of authenticity not often found.

This is an example of some smoking props we offer to dress up the scene.

Tobacco was sold in cans as the Prince Albert Tobacco can indicates. Soldiers and civilians rolled their own.

The Army offered matches and some thoughtful warnings. Venereal Decease was a serious health concern.

There were many cigarette brands all competing for a portion of the smoking market.

Cigars were very popular. We offer period cigars and cigar boxes in our museum quality props.

This cigar box of the period is in the authentically recreated Patton Van and has travel to many museums and military instillations across the country

In all the magazines, news papers and movies, Cigarette and smoking was advertised . These are some of the ads of the period.