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Barber Kits

The GI Hair Cut is an American armed service tradition. The Barber kits changed as technology and personal sanitation evolved.

The M-1944 Barber Kit was the standard issue in World War II.

Barber Kit

World War II Issue

3 Available

This is a complete original WWII barber kit with the correct contents

The top of the lid two pair of scissors, two combs, two hand clippers and two capes to cover the uniform.

The top tray has two clippers, soap brush and two straight razors.

The tray lifts out and stored in the bottom is talcum powder, a razor strop, soap dish, hair tonic, soap and razor sharping stone.

The Army was very specific when this item was issued. The quartermaster catalog had a list of exactly what it came with, the listing and stock number. This can be found in the Quartermaster catalog QM 6 1944-1945 issue

Barber Kit

Vietnam Issue

2 Available

The top of this box shows it was issued to the Service Command (SVC)

The barber box was basically the same but modified to house a more modern set of contents.  It now had a chain so the lock would stay with the box and not lost.

The tray was modified but the manual had clippers were kept, but the straight razor was omitted from the original tray in WWII.

The tray was now modified and contained two safety razors, razor blades and antiseptic soap.

The soap, when it could be found, was used to keep infection down from razor cuts, should that occur.

On the inside of the box, electric clippers were now standard issue. There was talcum powder, a wash tray and oil and cleaning tools for the electric clippers.

Included was disinfected soap to be mixed in a gallon container so all of the contents could be sterilized in the field, if conditions allowed. 

Barber Kit

USGI Issue Modern Barber Kit

2 Available

The kit is placed in a plastic, water resistant case. It is far more secure than the previous barber kits.

In he top of the lid is the contents page and instructions on how to se the contents/

The kit comes with Bic throw away razors. They are good for use only once.

The inside bottom of the kit houses the electric clippers with its various attachments. There is a hand set of clippers and extra heads for both. It comes with lubricating oil and disinfectant soap.

The Army Barber and the GI Hair cut was never popular with new recruits. Many a cartoon was circulated as a jester of disdain. 

We’ve found a copy of SL-3-00453A Marine Corps Stock List : Components List for Barber Kit : M1944 and have included it here as a PDF download.

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