Recreating History

Officer's Field Desks

Multiple combinations available

This Officer’s field desk was recently used in a multimillion dollar movie production in a communications tent.

The Officer’s Field Desks have become very scarce and they were designated by rank and use when issued.  They were designated record, company level, headquarters  level. However, they were used by almost every command level and were invaluable for army operation.

In larger headquarters at Corps and Army Level, it was not uncommon to have rows of officers working on reports.

This is an original headquarters level desk and is decked out as it would have appeared in WWII.

This desk is called record chest. The period typewriter is removed for the picture to show the desk,

This is a officer’s field desk, company level complete as it would have been found. We are able top dress the officer’s desk out with the original gear of the period.  This one as a typewriter, field phone, orders book, ink pen, with the proper period supplies in the desk drawers .

This is a Record desk with the Royal  typewriter, message book, period playing cards, pencil, ink bottle, and incendiary grenade should the command be over run and have to be destroyed.

This in another depiction of an officer’s field desk, complete with what would have been found in a typical officer fin the field set up.  

We are able to recreate any field headquarters with the original equipment and personal items. This comes from tears of research.

Our officers field desks were cleaned and reconditioned and are authentic original desks and are not reproductions.