Recreating History

Tents and Tenting Olive Drab Army Canvas

Large Canvas Tents are heavy, require a lot of storage, many poles and take several people to set up. They come in all sizes. Lets start with the smallest of the tents.

The Pup Tent. These were designed to have two soldiers sleeping in them.  Each carried a shelter half a pole and the pegs for one side. They were buttoned together to provide shelter in the field.  In the second image there is a small wall tent.

Pup Tents
10 Available

The GP Small (17’6” X 17’6”) is a six-sided pyramidal design equipped with sidewall poles and a center pole. Each side is 8’9, and the eave height is 5’8 with a center peak height of 10 feet and 3 inches. This GP small tent has a front and rear door with screen doors for flow-through ventilation.

1 Available

The GP Medium

2 Available
Canvas OD

These tents are the older type and suitable for movie props prior to 1970s and can be used to represent several types of tents used by the US military. They are very heavy and exceed 500 pounds.


The GP medium (16′ X 32’) The General Purpose medium tent has a 6 foot high and 4-feet-wide entrance at each end. The GP medium tents entire sidewall easily rolls up and ties in the upright position for flow ventilation.


 Specifications and Features:

10 pcs 5’8′ side poles; 2 pcs 6’2′ door poles; 2 pcs 10′ 3″ center pole

Ridge Height      10′; Diameter   16′ x 32′; Floor Area      512 sq. ft; Eave Height 5′,Doors 2

And 1 Stove pipe vent

GP Medium Vinyl Awning Tent

1 Available

This is a Vinyl GP Medium that has the sides cut away and works great for out door shade and open meetings.

The footprint is the same as a GP medium but it is much lighter, open aior with no sides.

M 1945 Command Tent

1 Available

This tent was used as a command tent and could be found as temporary shelter for the commanding officer and used as a briefing room in the outer area. It was in use from 1945 into the Vietnam war.

The Patton Living Historians have used various combinations of the above mention tents.

At the Museum of the American GI in Collage Station Texas we set up a public display and moved Patton Headquarters under the canvas.

Since we are a national organization, We brought in all teenage together at Fort Oglethorpe Georgia, It created quite a foot print.