Recreating History

The Patton Van Restoration : The Engine

CCKW Engine Power Plant

In World War Two the Engine compartment below the hood was referred to as a Power Plant of a CCKW Dodge.

The manual gives the above specifications for the engine.

The Patton van restoration would not have been complete without the restoration of the components that make up the power plant. We consulted the original manuals

Since our Patton Van came back from Europe, maintenance has been maintained at a high level.  Since its European stay has some engine maintenance, the engine was painted gray, and was not the painted original factory color.

All of the power plant components were rechecked and many were refurbished or replaced. Once this task was completed, the engine was tuned before being repainted to its original color. A last test of the engine was run before the painting.

When working on the paint scheme we were fortunate that Brent Mullins was just finishing his CCKW Engine and we used it as a paint guide. If you are unfamiliar with Brent Mullins, he is the President and CEO of the Museum of the American GI, located in College Station, Texas. He is world known for his restoration work.
Here are several images of his CCKW Engine after its completion.