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TM 3-400
Chemical Bombs and Clusters

TM 5-1008
Plow, Bottom and Disc Towed-Type Four 14-Inch Bottoms Deere Model 7

TM 5-1154
Kettle Asphalt 165-Gallon with Motor Driven Hand Spray Trailer Mounted Littleford Model 84 HD 3 Series P R S (1943)

TM 5-2036
Pump, Centrifugal 1.5 Discharge, 125 G.P.M. 300-Foot Head

TM 9-206
Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .30, M1919A6

TM 9-227
20-mm. Automatic Gun M1 and 20-mm. Aircraft Automatic Gun AN-M2

TM 235
37-mm AA Gun Matériel

TM 9-270
U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1903A4 (Sniper’s) Characterisitcs and Operation; and use of Telescopic Sight

TM 9-280
Caliber .22 Rifles, All Types

TM 9-285
Shotguns, All Types

TM 9-294
36-Inch A-T Rocket Launcher M1A1 1943

TM 9-296
7.2-inch Multiple Rocket Launcher M17

TM 9-305
75-mm Matériel, M1897 and Modifications

TM 9-306
75-mm Gun M1897A4 Mounted in Combat Vehicles

TM 9-340
240-mm Howitzers M1918M1 and M1918M1A1, 240-mm Howitzer Carriage M1918A2, and Transport Wagons M4 and M5

TM 9-345
155-MM Gun Materiel M1917 M1918 and Modifications 1942

TM 9-374
90-MM Gun M3 Mounted in Combat Vehicles

TM 9-392
4.5-inch Multiple Rocket Launchers T66 and T66E2

TM 9-394
4.5-inch Rocket Matériel for Ground Use

TM 9-395
4.5″ Aircraft Rocket Matériel

TM 9-396
7.2-inch Multiple Rocket Launcher M17

TM 9-421
3-inch Seacoast Gun Matériel, 3-1inch (15-pdr.) Gun M1902M1 Mounted on 3-inch (15-pdr.) Barbette Carriage M1902 and 3-inch (15-pdr.) Gun M1903 Mounted on 3-inch (15-pdr.) Barbette Carriage M1903

TM 9-428
6-Inch Seacoast Materiel Guns M1903A2 and M1905A2 Barbette Carriage M1 (1943)

TM 9-456
12-inch Seacoast Matériel 12-inch Mortar M1890MI Mounted on 12-inch Mortar Carriage M1896MI and M1896MII

TM 9-463
Gun, 8 in. Mk. VI, Mod. 3A2 and Mount, Railway, Gun, 8 In., M1A1

TM 9-471
16-inch Seacoast Gun Matériel, Gun Mk. II M1, Barbette Carrige M4

TM 9-575
Auxiliary Fire-Control Instruments (Field Glasses, Eyeglasses, Telescopes, and Watches)

TM 9-617
Generating Unit M18

TM 9-618
Generating Unit M7

TM 9-705
Scout Cars, M3, M3A1, and 4.2 Mortar Motor carriage, M2

TM 9-707
Basic Half-Track Vehicles (IHC) (Personnel Carrier M5, Car M9A1, Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M14

TM 9-710
Basic Half-Track Vehicles (White, Autocar, and Diamond T)

TM 9-721
Heavy Tanks M6 and M6A1

TM 9-726
Light Tank M3

TM 9-731G
3-Inch Gun Motor Carriage M10A1

TM 9-733
Mine Excavator T5E3

TM 9-740
Armored Car T17

TM 9-741
Medium Armored Car T17E1

TM 9-752
Tank, Medium M4A3 9-1944

TM 9-759
Medium Tank M4A3 8-4-1942

TM 9-782
Tractor, Light, Wheeled Industrial Type (A-C Model B)

TM 9-787A
Heavy Tractor M1 (Allis-Chalmers HD-10W)

TM 9-801
Truck 2.5 Ton 6×6 GMC CCKW-352 & 353

TM 9-803
1.25 Ton 4×4 Truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW

TM 9-803
(List of All Parts for Truck, ¼-Ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance)

TM 9-803G
German Volkswagen

TM 9-808
.75 Ton 4×4 Truck (Dodge)

TM 9-816
4- to 5-Ton 4×4 Tractor Truck (Autocar Model U-7144T)

TM 9-821
2.5 Ton 4 x 2 Truck (Federal)

TM 9-834
Vehicular General Purpose Unit Equipment

TM 9-867
Maintenance and Care of Hand Tools

TM 9-879
Motorcycle Solo Harley Davidson Model WLA 1943

TM 9-882
7-ton Semitrailer, Panel Cargo (Edwards, Gramm, and Nabors)

TM 9-891
Semitrailer, 6-Ton Payload, 10-Ton Gross, 2-Wheel, Fuel Tank, 2000-Gallon

TM 9-894
11-ton Payload, 15-ton Gross, 2-Wheel (2dt), Van Semitrailer (Omaha Standard Body Corp. Model F16)

TM 9-1215
Maintenance Thompson Submachine Gun Cal 45 M1928A1 1942

TM 9-1270
Ordnance Maintenance–U.S. Rifles, Cal. 30–M1903, M1903A1, M1903A3 and M1903A4

TM 9-1295
Pistols and Revolvers 1941

TM 9-1300-204
Ammunition for Recoilless Rifles

TM 9-1305
Gun and Carriage, 75-MM, M1897, All Types, and Special Field Artillery Vehicles

TM 9-1311
75-mm Gun M4 and Airplane Mount M6

TM 9-1326
105-mm Howitzer M3 and Howitzer Carriages M3 and M3A1

TM 9-1345-200
Land Mines

TM 9-1527
Ordnance Maintenance Gunner’s Quadrants M1 and M1918

TM 9-1575
Ordnance Maintenance Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, And Clocks

TM 9-1580
Ordnance Maintenance Battery Commander’s Telescope M1915A1

TM 9-1582
Ordnance Maintenance Panoramic Telescope M8

TM 9-1595
Ordnance Maintenance Prismatic Compass, M1918

TM 9-1596
Ordnance Maintenance Compass M2

TM 9-1611
Ordnance Maintenance Field Glass, Type EE

TM 9-1709
Ordnance Maintenance Chassis and Body for Scout Cars M3A1

TM 9-1710
Ordance Maintenance Power Train (Axles, Transmission, and Propeller Shaft) for Half-Track Vehicles

TM 9-1710C
Ordnance Maintenance Chassis and Body for Half-Track Vehicles

TM 9-1752
Ordnance Maintenance Auxiliary Generator (Homelite Model HRH-28) for Medium Tanks M3

TM 9-1803A
Engine and Engine Accessories for 1/4 Ton 4×4 Truck Willys Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW “Jeep”; 1944

TM 9-1803B
Power Train Body and Frame for 1/4 Ton 4×4 Truck Willys Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW “Jeep”; 1944

TM 9-1827C
Hydraulic Brakes Wagner Lockheed 1944

TM 9-1829A
Speedometers Tachometers and Recorders 1944

TM 9-1900
Ammunition, General

TM 9-1901
Artillery Ammunition 1944

TM 9-1904
Ammunition Inspection Guide 1944

TM 9-1940
Land Mines

TM 9-1980
Bombs for Aircraft

TM 9-1985-2
German Explosive Ordnance (Bombs, Fuzes, Rockets, Land Mines, Grenades and Igniters)

TM 9-1985-3
German Explosive Ordnance (Projectiles and Projectile Fuzes)

TM 9-1985-5
Japanese Explosive Ordnance (Army Ammunition, Navy Ammunition)

TM 9-1985-6
Italian and French Explosive Ordnance

TM 9-2005 Volume 3
Ordnance Matériel – General Volume 3 Infantry and Cavalry Accompanying Weapons Field Artillery

TM 9-2012
Operation and Organizational Maintenance: Cal. 30 Machine Gun, M37 (Tank)

TM 9-2013
Ordnance Maintenance: Cal. 30 Machine Gun, M37 (Tank)

TM 9-2200
Small Arms, Light Field Mortars and 20-mm Aircraft Guns

Quartermaster Manuals:

TM 10-1513
Maintenance Manual for Willys Truck 1/4 Ton 4×4 Built for US Government Model MB 1942

Signal Manuals:

TM 11-235
Radio Sets SCR-536 A B C D E and F 1945

TM 11-460
Division Field Code–Training Edition No. 2 (DFCT2)

Adjutant General Manuals:

TM 12-223
Reception Center Operations 1944

TM 12-240
Deceased Personnel Within the Continental United States, Excluding Alaska 1945

Miscellaneous Manuals:

TM 20-250
Field Music

Individual Soldier Manuals:

TM 21-305
Driver’s Manual

Mililtary Law Manuals:

TM 27-255
Military Justice Procedure

Military Intelligence Manuals:

TM 30-410
Handbook on the British Army with Supplements on the Royal Air Force and Civilian Defense Organizations 1942

TM 30-451
Handbook on German Forces

Artillery Manuals:

TM 43-001
Army Ammunition Sheets for Artillery Ammunition: Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, Recoilless Rifles, Grenade Launchers and Artillery Fuzes

Antiaircraft Artillery Manuals:

TM 51-1154
Kettle, Asphalt, 165-Gallon with Motor-Driven Hand Spray Trailer Mounted Littleford Model 84-HD-3 Series P,R,S

Enemy Forces:

TME 9-206A
German 7.9-mm Dual Purpose Machine Gun MG 34 

TME 9-803
German Volkswagen 1944

TME 30-451
Handbook on German Forces

TME 30-480
Handbook on Japanese Military Forces